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A Voice System - Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP Technology

Q. What is VoIP?
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is a technology that permits delivery of Voice Communications through wiring enabled for data.
Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using VoIP for business?
VoIP's chief advantage for business is that it allows the business to realize cost savings by leveraging the same network circuit for voice and data services. The primary disadvantage of VoIP is that circuit outages, if they occur, will impact both data and voice service. A Voice System works with our partners to put in place cost-effective back-up systems that minimize the likelihood of an outage.
Q. What kind of Quality of Service can I expect with VoIP?
"Quality of Service" implies a business-grade level of service where measures are taken to ensure that Voice Calls take precedence over Data delivery, thereby minimizing the potential impact of circuit overloads to your daily operations. A Voice System leverages Best Practices for Quality of Service and will work with you to ensure that your business maintains service levels after migrating to a new phone system.
Q. Does VoIP support fax machines?
Fax services will function as normal after transitioning your business to VoIP. Fax enhancements are availabe to integrate email systems with fax services.
Q. Will I need new phones to cut over to the VoIP system?
In some cases new handsets will be required to transition to a VoIP system.
Q. What kind of reporting can I expect to get on phonecalls?
Reporting will be provided to show inbound and outbound telephone usage per extension. Customized reporting may also be available.

Transitioning to VoIP with A Voice System

Q. How do I work with A Voice System?
You begin your relationship with A Voice System by calling or emailing us. We will schedule an appointment to inventory your current assets, understand the service you have today and how it helps you to meet business goals, and what you are looking to implement in the future.

A Voice System can partner with your IT team to design the specs of the new phone system, or A Voice System can independently develop a design for your new system. Once the design is agreed upon, A Voice System will provide you with a quote for your new phone and data service and equipment. If you agree, A Voice System will assist you in implementing the changes in your business infrastructure. Normally, you incur no costs until your new service is activated.

A Voice System will continue to be available to you and to your business to support the phone system after it is implemented.
Q. How long will it take to cut over to the VoIP system?
Design and implementation timeframes will vary based on the complexity of your operating environment, your readiness for VoIP, and other factors. Typically, we expect for most businesses to be able to convert in 1-4 months.
Q. Do I need to change my phone numbers?
There will be no need to change telephone numbers. All phone numbers will transfer to your new VoIP system.
Q. I already use VoIP service. What can A Voice System do for me?
A Voice System may be able to negotiate a more favorable rate on your behalf. Please contact us to learn more.
Q. What kind of ongoing service can I expect from A Voice System?
Ongoing support when you need it, 24/7/365.

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VoIP Technology

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